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ability to move

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Q: What does supple government mean as used in this passage?
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What does supple government mean as used in passage?

ability to move

What does supple government mean as used in passage Romeo and Juliet?

The phrase supple government was coined by William Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet. By this, he means that the drinker of a particular poison noted in the book will appear dead and no longer exhibit signs of life.

What does the geography term channel mean?

A channel is a passage connecting two bodies of water. The term is also used to indicate a navigable passage, as in a river or harbor.

What is a ghost acre?

A ghost acre is additional land offshore used to supple the diet of a nation.

What colonial government practices became a part in your nations government?

One practice that was used by colonial governments that became part of the government system was that a written constitution guarantees basic liberties and limits the power of the government. Another would be the separation of power between the legislature and the governor.

Why is massage used as a treatment in sports?

It helps with recovery, makes the muscles supple and less painful again.

What is mean by precis writing?

ans: writing one third summary of a given passage or paragraph or to compress a passage or paragraph .third person will be used instead of first person pronoun.

What is gov used for?

do you mean .gov? gov stands for government..

What is the government term to change?

Coup dÕ etat is a term used by government that means to change. More formally this term is used to mean to bring about a forced change in government.

Worldly Wise book 5 lesson 6 what is the meaning of harbor as it is used in the passage?

In the passage, the word "harbor" is used to mean a place of safety or refuge. It refers to a safe place where ships can anchor or dock to protect themselves from rough seas or storms.

Is used by the body to synthesize vitamin d maintain the proper functioning of nerve cells to keep skin soft and supple and to transport fat to cells?

" Cholesterol" is/are used by the body to synthesize vitamin D, maintain the proper functioning of nerve cells keep skin soft and supple, and transport fat to cells

What is Ronnie leather?

ultra-soft, lightweight, supple calf skin leather used for exceptional comfort and control on soccer cleats