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tanks, gas bombs, and guns

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Q: What 3 inventions were created during FDR's presidency?
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Why was Franklin Delano Roosevelt allowed to hold the presidency for more than 2 terms?

During President Franklin Roosevelt's time in office, there were no term limitations. Presidential term limtations came into effect with the 22nd Amendment to the Consitiution which was ratified on February 27, 1951. FDRs time in office was from 1933 to 1945.

What was the purpose of fdrs Address to congress after the attack?

To persuade them to declare war

FDRs unofficial group of African American advisers was known as the?

The Black Cabinet

What was the name of FDRS dog?

Fala, The dogs name was named in April 5th 1940

What are F D R 'S major contributions?

The New Deal. Look up FDRs 3 R's!

What the name for FDR?

FDRs real name is Franklin delano roosevelt. I had a progect on him and found out his real name. -asjah rayne:D

Who was president follow Franklin Roosevelt?

FDR was followed in his presidency by Truman. Truman served as FDRs Vice president for three months during his fourth term in office. Truman took over in 1945. I think that's what your asking!

How did FDRs philosophy of government differ from the philosophies of Coolidge and Hoover?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt felt that government should take an active role in the economic life of the nation during times of crisis. Roosevelt's New Deal offered hope for the future of the nation.

How did the Germans threaten FDRs Lend Lease program?

Primarily by submarine warfare. The materials sent for lend-lease went by ship.

What was the purpose of FDRS radio addresses to the American people after the attack on Pearl Harbor?

To gain support and approval for the war effort.

What is the difference between 'due and accrued' and 'accrued and due'?

'Due and accrued' refers to expenses that are both payable and have accumulated over time, while 'accrued and due' refers to expenses that have accumulated but are not yet payable. The difference lies in the order in which the terms are presented, with the emphasis on either the payment due or the accumulation of expenses.

What was fdrs most famous piece of legislations?

FDR was not a legislator, he was the head of the Executive Branch of government whose job it is to enforce rules, enact treaties, regulate interstate commerce, raise an army (and navy) and so on. The Congress' job is to consider legislation and vote on whether to make it law, or not.