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The Secretary of State

The Secretary of the Treasury

The Secretary of Defense(formerly the Secretary of War)

The Attorney General

These four positions are known as "The Big 4." They are the heads of the 4 original departments of the executive branch of the federal government under George Washington, making them the longest running positions in the cabinet.

Following the Vice President, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, these four officials(in the order seen above) are next in the line of succession to the presidency in the event of the death, resignation, or impeachment of the President.

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Q: What 4 positions make up the inner cabinet of the president?
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What three groups make up the executive branch?

The three groups of executive include: 1. The president 2. The cabinet 3. The civil service

What group of people help the president make decisions?

His cabinet members and the member of the executive office of the government (EOP)

What is the president's cabinet and what does it do?

The heads of 15 executive departments make up the Cabinet. The cabinet helps the president make decisions , gives advice and provides information to the President . The cabinet secretaries also manage their departments and help or hurt the president by the kind of job they do with their departments. The departments of state, justice, treasury and defense are particularly important to the administration. The others are often appointed as much for political reasons as for their expertise in the area of their department. At the president's discretion, the vice-president may be asked to attend cabinet meeting and carry out assignments for the president.

What president came up with the presidential cabinet?

Louis XIV of France built the colossal Palace of Versailles. In that palace he made sure all his enemies and advisers lived with him. He couldn't meet with all of them at the same time, so whenever he was in the bathroom doing his business, his advisers would speak with him and make decisions through the cabinet door. The reference to the cabinet is where the idea for the name of the President's cabinet originates.

What does the president cadinet do?

The cabinet gives the President advice pertaining to their department. They help the President make decisions based on their expertise and observations.

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Did the Constitution made no mention of a presidential cabinet?

No, the president is not mandated to have a cabinet. It would not be advisable for a president to go without a cabinet because they act to help the president make educated decision on policies. The Constitution does not mention anything about the president's cabinet.

What is the relationship between the president and his cabinet?

A President and his cabinet meet and work closely together. The members of the cabinet will make suggestions and offer assistance in helping make the hard decisions.

Who has the power to make treaties nominate justices to the Supreme Court and other government positions like cabinet officials ministers and ambassadors?

The President has these powers. These powers are granted to to him and him alone by the Constitution.

What bodies make up the executive branch?

President, Vice President and Cabinets are the main groups or people of the executive branch.

What three groups make up the executive branch?

The three groups of executive include: 1. The president 2. The cabinet 3. The civil service

The president vice president and 15 head members make up what?

The Cabinet.

What official does the president appoint?

Cabinet members, federal judges , including the justices of the Supreme Court, ambassadors and certain other high-ranking officials are nominated for their positions by the President. The Senate has the power to reject the President's choices and force him to make another choice, The number of positions filled by presidential appointment was reduced greatly by the civil service act.

Who and what makes up the executive branch?

The President | The Vice President Executive Office of the President | The Cabinet

What bodies make up the Executive?

Congress president cabinet

What committee are the president's foreign and military advisors in?

The President of the United States has foreign and military advisers on the Cabinet. Cabinet members are appointed by the President to help make national decisions.

Who is responsible for mediating and brokering disagreements among the cabinet heads?

The President appoints the cabinet heads and is responsible for everything they do. They do not have a lot of disagreements that make their way to the President.

The president's most trusted aids and advisors make up which body?

The Presidential Cabinet, or just 'cabinet' for short.