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what the empires that has ruled the world

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Q: What 5 empires have ruled the world?
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What empires have ruled the world such as rome Babylon?

No empire, including Rome and Babylon, ever ruled the world. No empire ever conquered the whole world. The biggest empires in history were the British Empire, the Mongol Empire, the Russian Empire, the Spanish Empire and the Umayyad Caliphate.

How are empires ruled?

An empire is ruled with an emperor of course

What two empires ruled most of Eastern Europe before World War 1?

Great Britain and Germany

What men ruled the empires of china?


What effect did world war 2 have on empires that ruled created by European nations?

By 1939 when Hitler invaded Poland the age of empires was gone. They disappeared afternWW1 because the war had changed society.

What empires have ruled the entire world?

egypt, Asiria, Babilon,Medopersia, Greece, Rome, and currently Great Britain and United States

The last of the great indian empires which ruled india from 1526-1857 was named?

The last of the great indian empires which ruled india from 1526-1857 was named the Mughal Empire

How many countries the world have?

No country has ruled the entire world. However, there have been empires that have ruled the 'known' world from their perspective. Perhaps the first great global ruler was Alexander of Macedonia (Alexander the great) Then there was the Roman Empire The Holey Roman Empire and perhaps the largest of all, The British Empire. In modern times counties/empires seem to be fragmenting rather than growing.

What did the Russian and Qing Empires have in common?

They were both autocratic empires ruled by Emperors who wielded Absolute Power. Both were underdeveloped industrially compared to major western powers, with agrarian based economies at the beginning of the 20th century. Both had dynasties that had ruled their respective empires since the 17th century.

Why was the way the Persians ruled their empire different from other ancient empires?

They used the same technique as had other empires - conquest.

Who ruled the two empires formed form the Austrian?

a single ruler

Who ruled the two empires form from the Austrian empire?

a single ruler