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Carl Sandburg.

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Q: What American poet wrote a six volume biography of Lincoln?
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What American poet wrote a 6 volume biography of Abraham Lincoln?

Carl Sandburg

What americann poet wrote a six-volume biography of Lincoln?

Carl Sandburg

Who wrote Abraham Lincoln's biography?

Carl Sandberg wrote a highly acclaimed six-volume biography. Doris Kearns Goodwin wrote a more recent book about Lincoln's cabinet, called Team of Rivals. There are many others,

Who wrote the 5-volume biography Henry James?

Leon Edel wrote the 5-volume biography of Henry James. He spent 20 years researching and writing the biography, considering it his life's work.

Who wrote a biography about George Washington?

In 1861, Marcus E. Howard wrote a biography about George Washington. His biography included the president commanding the patriots in the American Revolution.

What American poet wrote about Abraham Lincoln?

Carl Sandburg

Who was Franklin Pierce's biographer?

Peter Wallner has recently (2007) published a two-volume biography. Roy Franklin Nichols wrote an important biography of Pierce, published in 1931.

Who wrote the biography on Johann S Bach?

I do not know who wrote the biography on Johann S Bach, but Allen Krantz wrote a biography.

He wrote a book called the Shame of the Cities?

yesh Lincoln steffens wrote that book to expose the corruption of the American government.

Who wrote Ronald Reagan biography?

Edmund Morris wrote Dutch, the biography endorsed by the Reagans.

A book about someones life is called?

a biography

Who wrote phrase for the people of the people by the people?

Abraham Lincoln wrote the phrase "government of the people, by the people, for the people" in his Gettysburg Address delivered during the American Civil War in 1863.