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In May, 1868, the Senate came within a single vote of taking the unprecedented step of removing a president from office. That president was Andrew Johnson.

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Q: What American president came within single vote in house of reps being impeached?
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Which president had the greatest problem with congress?

I would say Andrew Johnson who was impeached by the House and came within one vote of being convicted by the Senate .

How can the state chief executive be removed from office?

Yes, he can be impeached and removed by the state legislature.

Within American politics the power to accord official recognition to other countries belongs to?

The President

What can the president can do?

A President of the United States can do anything within the power of the executive branch. He is not contained by any laws of the US, and the only way he can ever be brought to terms with his offenses is if he's been impeached (or official charges brought against). The power of the President is controlled by the system of checks and balances, in which the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of the government all keep each other from becoming too powerful.

Loyalty Review Board?

An effort by President Truman to find communists within the American government because of the increasing communist fear, Truman established the Loyalty Review Board to help find communism within American politics.

What American president was sworn into office on Wall Street?

The only President of the United States to be sworn into office within the city or state of New York was George Washington, on April 30, 1789.

What is the definition of domestic policy?

Domestic policy of the president refers to his plan for dealing with the American people and internal matters within the country. It is contrasted with foreign policy.

Can the secretary of state be impeached?

Yes they can, according to the US Constitution it is within the powers (as assigned) to impeach any elected or appointed member of government.

Did London have a Civil War?

Civil wars are fought between factions within a single country not within a single city

What Is the vice president the president of?

The Vice-President is the President of the Senate.The President pro tempore (President pro tem), who chairs the Senate during the absence of the Vice President, is an elected position within the Senate, and is normally the US senator with the most seniority within the majority party.

What term indicates the exchange of goods and services within a single country?

The exchange of goods and services within a single country is called domestic trade.

Did President Jackson veto the Erie Canal bill because he opposed the federal support for projects entirely within a single state?

Andrew Jackson served as US President from 1829-1837. The Erie Canal opened in 1825, long before Jackson could exerta veto as President. James Madison vetoed funding for the Erie Canal when he was president.