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This question is asking for your opinion, not ours. We don’t do homework for students and also don’t know the engraving you ask about.

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sthu and do my homework
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plus, don't you think the point of this website is for you to provide me with the damned answers so-

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Q: What Engraving of the musketeer. How do you think it might have helped musketeers?
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What candy bar might a trio of American Revolutionary War soldiers enjoy?

3 Musketeers

Who are The Three Musketeers in Dumas book?

Athos, Porthos and Aramis (though the spellings might be wrong !)

Is the three musketeers a fairy tale?

No, it's isnt, it's a novel written by Alexander Dumas. However, the story has been variously adapted into childrens' form at times, and while these adaptations might sometimes be referred to as being "fairy tales" - they are not. Fairy tales include supernatural or magical themes, events and characters, whereas The Three Musketeers is a fictional story set in an entirely real-world setting.

Where can one purchase hand engraving tools?

There are several websites that can sell hand engraving tools. These tools may also be found at craft stores or other specialty retailers. One might consider going to a professional engraving store and asking for a recommendation of a good retailer.

How costly is laser wood engraving?

Laser wood engraving can be very costly if the image or writing that is to be engraved is very intricate and so will take a long time to do. To engrave a couple of words on wood might only cost a couple of dollars though.

Which actor died during the film the three musketeers?

you might be thinking of the actor that died making The Return of the Musketeers in 1989 the actor was Roy Kinnear,.. my husband asked me the same question tonight. :)

What are two places where one might purchase an engraving tool?

One may purchase an engraving tool at their local home improvement store, such as Home Depot or Lowe's. One may also purchase a tool online via websites such as Amazon or Ebay.

Is Logan Lerman going to be in Batman?

I am not sure but it is rumored that he might play Spiderman in new Spiderman movies. But he is going to be in a movie called Three Musketeers that is coming out in 2011.

What might have happened to the pilgrims if squanto had not helped them?

They might have died.

What might have happened to the pilgrims if Squanto had not helped?

They might have died.

When was browning made serial no 48900 and who engraved it? has sn data under customer service. The engraver's initials might be hidden somewhere in the engraving.

What is value of Belgium made Browning 22 long rifle with engraving around trigger?

Is it a bolt, pump or semi-auto? What are the markings on it? Serial number? Are you saying the only engraving is around the trigger? None on the receiver? Without knowing these answers, you might be in a 200-2000 price range.