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they will get over worked and you'll have pains

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Q: What Happens To The Kidneys When You Have Alcohol?
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What happens to your kidney with too much alcohol?

Alcohol acts as a diuretic, so it will keep your kidneys busy. It also reduces the risk of developing kidney stones.

What regulates the kidneys?


How does alcohol affect the kidneys?

Your kidneys filter your blood and get wastes out of it. When you drink a little bit of alcohol the kidneys filter that alcohol and are okay. But then, if you drink a lot in a short amount of time the kidneys become overworked, and you may have kidney failure, or they just might not be able to filter all of the alcohol. If that happens, the alcohol builds up in your system and starts affecting other parts of your body.answer 2 Actually, it is the poor old liver that has the work of converting the alcohol into 'usable' energy. But it is hard work for the liver and may well be beyond its ability in the short run. Allowed long enough, the liver will convert the alcohol into food. But in the short run, some of the alcohol remains in the blood, and is a welcome test for the highway patrol. Too much work for your liver from dealing with alcohol, and it will give up and you'll go a bright AA yellow![The main thing the kidneys filter out is urea, a chemical left as a by-product of metabolizing proteins. Urea is the mechanism by which the body disposes of this excess nitrogenous material.]

What percent of alcohol is filtered by the kidneys?

Alcohol is primarily metabolized by the liver.

What harms the kidneys?

alcohol and cell phone radiation

What percentage of alcohol is eliminated from the body by the kidneys?


What does alcohol in excess do to kidneys?

Alcohol can cause all kinds of damage to the kidneys. These effects can range from cell damage and enlargement of the kidneys to alcohols' impact of the various hormones that control kidney function. Alcohol creates an ionic imbalance in the body that can negatively affect many metabolic processes

How can alcohol affect human health?

alcohol is a beverage and a weed. it harms human being kidneys.

How can alcohol effect your kidneys?

Drinking alcohol can help reduce the risk of developing kidney stones.

What happens to the blood when it reaches the kidneys?

the kidneys clean it by removing the waste from the blood

What organs get damgeged in the body after drinking alcohol?

kidneys and then liver

How do you flush your system of alcohol?

You can help your kidneys to flush your system of alcohol by drinking lots of fluids that do not contain alcohol. Coffee is good.