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None. The preamble is just a statement about the constitution and what it should do.

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Q: What Head state programs are an example of which part of the preamble?
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Head Start programs are an example of which part of the Preamble?

to promote the general welfare

Is Head Start in every state of the US?

Yes, there are Head Start programs in every state and Puerto Rico.

What are the top college theatre programs in Ohio?

leave ohio and head over to ball state in muncie.

What are some Catholic religious leaders?

The Pope is the head of the Church and there are bishops for each state. For example, my state has two Arch Bishops.

Meeting and greeting foreign dignitaries is an example of which presidential role?

Such is his function as head of state for the US.

Why are Head Start programs more regimented than preschools?

In order to qualify for grants, Head Start programs need to perform to certain standards. Independent preschools set their own standards and they are usually not as high as Head Start programs are.

Who is an example constitutional monarchy leader?

Considering that Canada is a democratic, parliamentary, constitutional monarchy, The Queen, who acts as the head of state in Canada would be an example.

What is the title of the head of the department of state?

The title of the head of the Department of State is Secretary of State.

Which country had elected head of the state who is not heredity?

Any country where the head of state is elected by popular vote, by definition can not have a heridetary head of state.An example of one such Country would be Eire, whoes current (2014) head of state is president Michael D. Higgins.There are many other countries with elected heads of state.Countries with an hereditary head of state are either Monarchies (eg Great Britian) or dictatorships (eg North Korea).

The power of the govenor to call a special session of the legislature is an example of a legislative power?

NO it is not. The Governor of a State is the head of the EXECUTIVE branch.It is therefore an example of EXECUTIVE POWER.

What type of government is an example of constitutional monarchy?

The United Kingdom has one. They have a monarch and they have a democratically elected parliament. The monarch is the head of state. The prime minister is the head of government.

What does chief of state mean and what is an example of that role?

Chief of state is the head of government, like a traditional king. The President plays that role when he entertains foreign heads of state or has summit meetings with them.