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The Enlightenment

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Q: What Ideas such as individual liberty and the separation of powers are central to the US government. Which movement popularized these ideas?
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What movement encouraged reform in government society and economy in the early 1900s?

The Anti-alcohol movement.

How did the great awakening influence on the philosophy of government expressed in the declaration of independence?

The Great Awakening, a religious revival movement in the 18th century, had a significant influence on the philosophy of government expressed in the Declaration of Independence. It emphasized individual beliefs, personal convictions, and the idea of religious freedom, which aligned with the concept of individual rights and liberty expressed in the Declaration. The Great Awakening helped shape the idea that governments should respect these individual rights and that people have the right to overthrow a government that infringes upon them, as stated in the Declaration of Independence.

What movement is the effort by the indigenous people of Hawaii to secure a measure of self government and restoration of their lands?

The sovereignty movement

When did the world begin a steady movement toward widespread representative government?


Contradictions within the progressive movement?

The Progressive Movement was full of contradictions. The movement simultaneously worked to both expand and limit the rights of the American people. It promoted the urban-industrial society which often led to the poor working and living conditions it opposed. It opposed trust corporations but supported the philanthropic efforts undertaken from those corporations. It also promoted individual freedom while simultaneously increasing government regulation of food, entertainment, reproduction, and education.

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What is the definition for secular movement?

A secular movement is a social or political movement that advocates for the separation of religion and government, as well as the promotion of secular principles in society. It seeks to ensure that government decisions are based on reason and evidence rather than religious beliefs.

What does disantiestablishmentarianisim mean?

Disestablishmentarianism is the belief or movement that advocates the separation of church and state, particularly through the removal of official government support or recognition of a specific religion.

A separation of charge within a bond is the definition to what word?

dipole movement

What is the name of the individual movement of atoms?

"MOA" (Movement Of Atoms)

What is the form of movement decided by an individual actor?

Individual Actors

What happened to Luther after he was declared an outlaw in Germany?

Luther was then popularized and his ideas were spreading quickly. Lutheranism developed, which was his theses in the movement of Reformation.

What is dejure sgregation?

De jure segregation refers to segregation that is imposed by law, policies, or government action. It is the legal separation of individuals or groups based on their race, ethnicity, or other characteristics. This form of segregation was prevalent in the United States prior to the civil rights movement.

Is the movement of individual out of a population?


When was Movement for Quality Government in Israel created?

Movement for Quality Government in Israel was created in 1990.

The movement of individual into an area is called?


During which decade was the term Asian American first used?

In the 1960s during the Civil Rights Movement. It was popularized by UCLA professor Yuji Ichioka.

Did the movement toward the separation of church and state greatly accelerated by the disestablishment of the Anglican church in Virginia?