What Is A Wiretap?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A wiretap is a term that generally describes the activity of listening in on someone's phone conversation. This can be done legally by the police using a court order or illegally by criminals. The term "wiretap" derives from the fact that they attach wires to a circuit in the phone lines and so they are tapping into the electronic signal.

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Q: What Is A Wiretap?
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How can you use the word wiretap in a sentence?

He was arrested for breaking Federal wiretap laws.

What is the duration of WireTap radio program?

The duration of WireTap - radio program - is 1620.0 seconds.

When was WireTap - radio program - created?

WireTap - radio program - was created in 2004-07.

Should the government be able to wiretap?

They shoudn't be able to wiretap unless the person is a criminal

Where do you get wiretap device in Mafia Wars?

To get the wiretap device, go to enforcer jobs and overtake phone central.

What action marked the beginning of the Watergate scandal?

it was the wiretap... the 5 mens tried to put wiretap phone in the DNC(DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE) .

What must the police have to enter your home to plant a wiretap?

A warrant authorizing the wiretap must be applied for and issued by a judge. However, the police don't even need to enter your home to establish a wiretap. It's actually done at the phone company's location.

What are the release dates for Justice - 1954 The Wiretap Case - 2.28?

Justice - 1954 The Wiretap Case - 2.28 was released on: USA: 7 April 1955

Do you need a court order for a dod wiretap?

Yes you do!