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its dictatorships (:

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They are dictatorships or monarchies.

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Q: What Most one party systems are associated with?
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What was the Federalist Party?

The Federalist Party was one of the first two political parties organized after adoption of the US constitution. It was the party in favor of a strong central government. During the War of 1812, it was the party in opposition to the war. It finally ceased to exist in 1856, although it had been a minor player for some years before that.

What decides weather a political party will be the majority or minority party?

The majority party is the party to which the most representatives or senators belong. The other party is the minority party.

What sort of voting system normally is most likely to lead to a two-party political system?

I realize this is a standard question on someone's test, but in reality first-past-the-post voting does not always produce two-party systems. Although concern over splitting the electorate tends to consolidate parties in such a system, resulting in two major parties, there are usually minor parties waiting in the wings to become one of the major parties. In Britain, this role was played by the Liberal party, who grew in the 1980s to become a serious voice in British politics and held the balance of power after the 2010 election. In Canada, one of the major parties, the Conservatives, were practically wiped out in the 1993 election and a regional party, the Bloc Québecois, became the second largest party, and again, in 2011, the New Democratic Party, a third party, overtook the Liberal party to become the second party in Parliament.

Who rose to be one of New York's most powerful party bosses?

George Plunkitt

Most African nations before 1990 had governments that were either one-party or?

free market

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What Most one-party systems are associated with?

Totalitarianism. wrong! its dictatorships (:

Who are one party systems associated with?


What are the Most one-party systems are often associated with?


What are one-party government systems often associated with?


What are characteristics of one party systems?

One party systems recruit new members, maintain party discipline, and carry out the party's orders.

What party systems do most democracy's have?

One party systems are generally not democratic at all by definition, indeed they are the opposite to a democracy -- being Authoritarian states. Democracy is about choice; in one party states they have abolished the opposing parties meaning there is no choice and the one officially approved party rules the country as dictators.

In what way are one-party systems undemocratic?

The one-party system is not democratic at all, because there is no choice between competing parties and candidates. One-party systems are typical of communist governments and dictatorships.

Authoritarian governments and theocracies are examples of what kind of party system?

One party systems

What are countries with one-party systems usually described as?


What are countries with one party systems usually described as?


What is one of the plays associated with Shakespeare?

Hamlet is one most associated as is Macbeth

Which party system is most common in a dictatorship?

one party system*Which party system is most common in a Dictatorship?A. Multiparty SystemB. Bipartisan SystemC. One-Party SystemD. Two- Party System