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The judicial branch.

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Q: What Questions about interpreting the constitution are decided by which branch of government?
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What did the government do in response to shay's rebellion?

they decided to do the constitution

What government action took place in response to Shays' Rebelion?

they decided to do the constitution

Who or what decided the framework of the federal court system?

The constitution gives the framework for the government and courts.

Legal questions regarding constitutional issues are decided by what branch of government?

The judicial branch.

Where does the government get the rights to govern?

In the US, from the constitution. Back in the 18th century, when the constitution was written, it was decided how our government would be chosen and what positions it would include, and essentially we follow that idea and vote on or otherwise appoint our government

When the constitution was written the representatives decided how the new government was to work in describing its functions they were careful to include?

checks and balances between the branches of government.

Why did the British government decided to tax the British colonies?

because they wanted to dont ask questions nomore

What two questions did the original constitution not clearly answer that were decided by the civil war?

The Constitution did not clearly answer whether slavery was legal or whether African-Americans could be citizens. These questions were answered in 1865, right after the Civil War, in the 13th and 14th Amendments, respectively.

How did they create the constitution?

Fifty five men met in the state house in Philadelphia to do something about the articles of confederation and it was decided to write a new foundation for government. So, from May to September they worked on the constitution.

Describeat least two democratic features of connecticuts government?

Connecticut is known as the Constitution state. As a result, all elections are decided by the public at large. Amendments to the state constitution also have to be validated by the public.

When did Wisconsin had the right to vote?

they had the right to vote in 1777 when the united states government decided that they had a large enough population to vote on the constitution and the bill of rights

Does federal government have the right to tax residents of the US?

Yes, it does. This was decided in 1913 and is listed in the Constitution in Article 1 section 8 that it can tax residents.