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Q: What The political unrest of the baroque era led Rubens to paint scenes showing what?
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What was important about ping pong diplomacy?

By having officials work Behind the Scenes, ping pong diplomacy allowed diplomats to conduct negotiations without public or political pressure.

What is a political machine?

A political machine is an unofficial system of political organization based on patronage, the spoils system, "behind-the-scenes" control, and longstanding political ties within the structure of a representative democracy. Machines sometimes have a boss, and always have a long-term corps of dedicated workers who depend on the patronage generated by government contracts and jobs. Machine politics has existed in many United States cities, especially between about 1875 and 1950, but continuing in some cases down to the present day. It is also common (under the name clientelism or political clientelism) in Latin America, especially in rural areas. Japan's Liberal Democratic Party is often cited as another political machine, maintaining power in suburban and rural areas through its control of farm bureaus and road construction agencies. The key to a political machine is patronage: holding public office implies the ability to do favors (and also the ability to profit from graft). Political machines generally steer away from issues-based politics, favoring a quid pro quo (something for something) with certain aspects of a barter economy or gift economy: the patron or "boss" does favors for the constituents, who then vote as they are told to. Sometimes this system of favors is supplemented by threats of violence or harassment toward those who attempt to step outside of it.

Working behind the scenes to inform the British of John Jay's intentions in treaty negotiations was?

Alexander Hamilton.

During the nomination process political battles are most likely to occur in what forum?

The modern nomination process includes several primary elections and the nomination is usually wrapped up before the convention. The candidates campaign for these elections by making speeches, making statements to the press and sometimes by a debate with the other candidates. Everything they say of note is reported to the nation, so their differences become public knowledge. Of course, if the nomination is still open at the convention, there would be major battles there, mostly behind the scenes.

What two villages out side of Boston were the first battles between the british and the colonist?

the loyalists patriots was divided into two sides

Related questions

The political unrest of the baroque era led rubens to paint scenes showing his?

Distaste for war

How did Rubens's painting of scenes that depicted his desire for peace most likely resulted from what?

the political unrest of his time.

Why the protestant baroque style focused on portraits and scenes of ordinary life?

The baroque style focused on portraits and scenes of ordinary life because protestants disapproved of religious imagery.

The Protestant baroque style focused on portraits and scenes of ordinary life because?

Protestants disapproved of religious imagery

The Protestant disapproval of religious imagery led Dutch painters of the Baroque period to focus on?

Portraits and scenes of ordinary life.

What did the Protestant disapproval of religious imagery led Dutch painters of the Baroque period to focus on?

The Protestant disapproval of religious imagery led Dutch painters of the Baroque period to focus on idolatry.

How did the Dutch painters differ from the Baroque painters who were their contemporaries?

I believe they were more ''genre artists'' ,in the sense that they were -inluenced by their religion which was and is , Protestantism -more focused on depicting every day life domestic scenes and also moralising scenes with emphasis on the details.This was not true for Italian artists for example, who depicted more allegorical and mythology-influenced scenes in their paintings. In the bottom line , I think the main differences were based on religion :Italy and other countries were expressing the baroque style in their churches and religious paintings or statues whereas Dutch baroque painters were restricted by Protestantism in depicting domestic scenes. In my opinion this fact helped them create masterpieces too and lead to the resurgence of many great artists of the time in Holland.

What is a sentence for the word appall?

The police wanted to appall the killer by showing him photos of graphic crime scenes.

What comes with the resident evil 5 collector's edition for the xbox 360?

A DVD showing a behind-the-scenes look of the game.

What does political puppet mean?

When someone is referred to as a political puppet it just means that they are really answering to someone behind the scenes and making sure that his/her agenda is being carried out.

What is baroque art?

The Baroque comes after the renaissance, i.e. late 16th century and most of the17th century.The Baroque movement encompasses architecture, religious paintings, and sculpture. Painters used rich colors and chiaroscuro (credited to Caravaggio) in their works. The figures in the paintings were naturalistic and frequently sported exaggerated gestures. The style was very emotional, and the scenes selected for the work were usually important and dramatic biblical scenes. The use of light was important in the artwork; it enhanced the experience of the scene.The most famous sculptor to come out of the Baroque period is without a doubt Bernini. His sculptures were extremely detailed. Bernini is arguably one of the most talented sculptors of all time because of the way he could manipulate the different textures of his subject in marble. He used large gestures that broke the plane of the sculpture to suggest drama and emotion. One of his most famous works is The Ecstasy of St. Theresa.One fundamental change that the Baroque style brought along in architecture was the use of the oval. Famously, St. Peter's Square, is memorable for its long oval shape. Baroque design also emphasized the use of light.

Can you wear black pants with a Christmas green sweater?

The black pants are not a problem. No one can ever wear a Christmas-themed sweater, however, especially not one with reindeer, candy canes, Santa sleighs or full baroque nativity scenes on them.