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Georgia, it has 159 counties

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Texas does; it has 254 counties.

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Q: What US state has the most counties?
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Does Texas have the largest number of counties in the nation?

Yes! In fact, it has 254 counties! Info from:

How many counties are in Kentucky?

There are 120 counties in Kentucky. There are 120 which is the third largest number of counties of any US State behind Texas with 254 and Georgia with 159.. There are 120 the third most of any state.

The number of counties in the state?

You need to specify which state. Different number in different states. 2 US states do no have counties.

How many countries are in flordia?

There are no countries in Florida, as Florida is a state in the country of the US. Perhaps you meant counties, which are political divisions of most states. There are 67 counties in Florida.

A state is divided into what?

Most often into Counties.

What state has the most dry counties?


Which state has the most counties in the nation?


How many counties in the state of Texas?

Texas has 254 counties. The complete list can be found in the related links section below.

Do countries have the power to supervise and maintain roads?

See Is it true that counties in each US state have the power to supervise and maintain county roads?Note: The above question concerns counties in each State of the US. States, counties, and townships oversee roads in the US.

What us state contains the counties of macon and bacon?


How many Arizona counties touch the Mexican border?

There are currently fifteen counties in the US state of Arizona. However, when the state was formed it was originally divided into 13 counties.

What state has parishes instead of counties?

You mean "What US state has parishes not counties"; and the answer is Louisiana.