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The admiral that helped trap General Lord Cornwallis at the Siege of Yorktown was Comte (or admiral) de Grasse.

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Q: What admiral helped trap Cornwallis at yorktown?
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Why was Cornwallis forced to surrender in Yorktown?

George washing and his troops trapped Cornwallis's troop on a peninsula in Charleston. They had no way to escape.

Who did George Washington plan to trap at Yorktown?

he planned to trap Cornwallis

Where did washington's troops trap cornwallis army?

In Yorktown, Virginia

Where did washingtons troops trap Cornwallis's army?


Where did Washington's troop trap Cornwallis army at?


Where did washingtons troops trap Cornwallis's army at?


Who joined forces to trap Cornwallis at Yorktown?

The French and the Americans

Where did the American and French forces trap General Cornwallis and his British army?

Cornwallis and his forces were on a peninsula at Yorktown.

Why was Yorktown a good place to trap general Cornwallis and the British army?

It's location is why Yorktown was a good place for Cornwallis to establish fortifications. General Sir Henry Clinton, told Cornwallis to establish a fortified naval station.

How was Washington able to trap Cornwallis at Yorktown?

He set up camp and kept fires going (so the British thought they were at camp) and marched to Cornwallis.

How did George Washington win the battle of Yorktown?

The French helped the Continental army surrond Yorktown and trap the British.

Why did Cornwallis decide to take his troops and camp at Yorktown?

Cornwallis decided to take his troops north and camp at Yorktown because Cornwallis was quite tired of marching. Washington's army and himself were only hundreds of miles north. Washington thought of a plan to trap the British. His plan was to bring his army south to join Greene. So the American and French Soldiers could surround Yorktown by land. If the French navy sailed into Chesapeake Bay, French Ships could also trap the British. Finally the British Army was trapped.