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They had many advantages over American troops. They were intimately accustomed to the terrain and local wildlife/ fauna, they didn't have to fight playing by international rules, they had already established a large network of tunnels and supply routes before the Americans arrived, they blended in with the local peoples, they knew the language and the culture, they used terrorist tactics, they had information networks that covered the entire country and had the sympathy of the public, they were immune to many local diseases that the Americans were not, they didn't rely on questionable and fickle technology and were unified in purpose.

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Q: What advantage did the vietcong have over American troops?
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What military did the Vietcong have over the Americans?

the Us was better than the vietcong in military it was guerilla warfare that was over the Us

What advantage did Britain hold over the rebellious American colonies?

they had a very powerful navy, significantly more troops, better supplies and better trained soldiers and Hessian mercenaries.

What geographic advantage did control of Boston provide?

It provided defeat against the British. Because the British won Victory of Breed's Hill, the American troops were determined to win over them.

Why was fighting on their own ground an advantage for the patriots?

they didn't have to transport troops and supplies over large distances

Colonial troops in the Revolutionary era enjoyed a geographic advantage over the British because?

The distance from Great Britain made it difficult for the British to replace troops.

What military stratagies did the vietcong use against the Americans?

The Vietcong had planned for the war years in advance. First, they prepared their supply lines. They built the Ho Chi Minh Trail. It was not one road but a series of extremely narrow roads that merged and separated. The bridges were built underwater so they were not visible from the air. Thus they had simple supply lines with lots of built in redundancy. Second, they dug out caves to hide their solders. Thus their solders would hide during the day and come out during the night to fight. The caves also held their supplies and hospitals. Third, the Vietcong used extremely simple weapons. The AK-47 rifle is designed so that it will not jam. Thus a Vietcong could get mud all over his rifle and it would still work. It was not a fine crafted piece of machinery like the American weapons. Fourth, the Vietcong used weapons that took bullets and other ammunition one millimeter larger than American weapons. Thus, if the Vietcong captured American ammunition, they could use it. If the Americans captured Vietcong ammunition, it was worthless. Fifth, the Vietcong would kill the money lenders. In Asian societies many people owe money at a high rate of interest. The Vietcong would break that cycle. They would show the local people how they would deliver them from their oppression. Sixth, the Vietcong listened to American Generals talk. One American general said, "The Vietcong anti aircraft guns can not go over 6,000 feet. We will be safe if we fly at 10,000 feet. The Vietcong knew American airplanes would fly at 10,000 feet. They put their anti-aircraft guns on top of 6,000 feet high mountains. The guns would reach 12,000 feet. When a plane flew over at 10,000 feet, they would shoot it down.

How did the arrival of American troops affect Britain?

Overpaid. Oversexed. Over here.

How was Poland taken over?

Surprise air and tank blitzkriegInvasion of Poland was done by Germany who had a numerical advantage and experienced troops.

Who was the leader that the Vietcong was trying to over throw?

Ngo Dinh Diem

What happened once American troops pulled out of Vietnam?

communism took over Vietnam

What popular American song was about US troops arriving in Europe in ww1?

We`re coming over

What was similar between the US troops sent to the Spanish American war and the troops sent to fight in world war 1?

They travelled over seas (apex)