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Q: What agency enforces the animal welfare act?
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Who enforces California State Housing Act?

Building Inspectors

Who was the president when welfare and medicaid reform act was enacted?


Who was president in the us when welfare started?

Welfare is a rather vague term. I would say that the federal government got into welfare in a big way when Franklin Roosevelt was president. As you probably know, welfare is not one of powers explicitly given to the federal government by the US Constitution and every power not explicitly given is left to the states. It took the Supreme Court quite some time to find ways around this legal problem. States counties and cities had poor farms and orphans' homes and food kitchens for a long time before the feds got into the act.

Why was the IRS created?

The IRS was established in 1862 to be responsible for enforcing the internal revenue laws. The IRS was then Hijacked by the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913 to act as its collection agency.

What was the Children's Bureau of 1912?

Established by Congress on 8 April 1912 (Stat. L., 79), the U.S. Children's Bureau became the first national agency in the world created solely to focus on the needs of children and youth. The act establishing the bureau instructed that the new agency "investigate and report . . . upon all matters pertaining to the welfare of children and child life among all classes of our people." This broad mandate marked the national government's permanent entrance into the general arena of social welfare. Julia C. Lathrop was named as the Children's Bureau chief and thereby became the first woman to head a U.S. federal agency. Along with the fight for female suffrage, women had been increasingly engaged in reform efforts for children and their families. Underscoring this important role, the first five Children's Bureau chiefs were women: Grace Abbott (1921-1934), Katharine F. Lenroot (1934-1951), Martha May Eliot (1951-1956), and Katherine B. Oettinger (1956-1969). In 1972 President Richard Nixon appointed the first man to head the agency, Edward F. Zigler, who was also the first African American Children's Bureau chief.

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What animals in the US are not covered in the animal welfare act?

The US Animal Welfare Act of 1966 does not cover laboratory mice or rats (the USDA enforces the act, and since lab mice and rats are not covered, it does not regulate their usage). In addition, "cold-blooded" vertebrates (e.g. most amphibians, snakes, etc.) and invertebrates (e.g. worms or insects) are not covered by the welfare act either. Finally, animals raised for consumption are excluded from regulation and protection by the Animal Welfare Act of 1966.

What agency or department enforces the Clean Water Act?

The EPA.

Who enforces the clean air act?

the environmental protection agency (EPA)

What government agency enforces the endangered species act?

U.S. fish and wildlife service.

Should the government support animal welfare?

The government already supports animal welfare and enacted the Animal Welfare act in 1966. The Act sets standards for animal care in research, exhibition, transport, and by dealers.

What is the Animal Welfare Act?

The animal welfare is a group of people who take care of animals seize animals from people not taking care of it or checking markets to see if they are selling pets illegally. See the Related Links for more information about the Animal Welfare Act.

What are the animal welfare laws?

The basic laws are found in the Animal Welfare Act, but each state also has the right to enact it's own laws governing animal welfare within it's borders.

What agency enforces the Occupational Safety and Health Act?

In the US, the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA or OSHAct) is enforced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a part of the US Department of Labor.

What is the current law on animal testing in the US?

In the US animal testing is regulated by the 1966 Animal Welfare Act (AWA). At this time AWA only covers mammals. Another regulatory instrument is the Health Research Extension Act of 1985 enforced by the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW).

Why melilotus plants is harmful?

examples international law about animal welfare republic act

Who enforces patriot act?

jesus christ

Local bill of right for animal Philippines settings?

i hope this helps found at the site and is called Republic Act No. 8485 THE ANIMAL WELFARE ACT OF 1998