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office of management and budget

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Q: What agency in Washington assists in the preparation of the federal budget and monitors federal agencies throughout the year?
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How can congressional standing committees check the powers of the executive branch?

The Congressional standing committees checks the powers of the Executive Branch through its Congressional Oversight. It reviews, monitors, and supervises federal agencies, programs, activities, and policy implementation.

What office monitors and evaluates congressional proceedings and actions that effect the department of the navy?

office of legislative affairs

Which agency monitors the federal campaign process and enforces acts of legislation related to federal elections?

The Federal Election Commission monitors campaign financing and maintains all financial reports. The agency maintains a website with a lot of online information regarding House, Senate, and Presidential campaigns. There is also an agency known as "" that provides extensive information about campaign finance. Using the attached website link you can access a number of federal election related links. Also attached is a website link that provides election related information by state and county.

What is the name of the government agency that monitors campaign financing?

The Federal Election Commission.

What are presidential roles?

1. Chief of State-Ceremonial leader of the government and symbol of nation.2. Chief Executive- Pretty much administrator of country and gives people jobs.3. Chief Diplomat- formulates foreign policy4. Commander-in-chief- The United States military is run by a non-military official, a citizen's army.5.Chief lawmaker- creates public policy6. chief of party- obvious7.chief citizen- represents all citizens, moral leader

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