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Q: What airplane is used by the airforce on short runways?
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Which material used when making a airplane runway?

I think concrete is the most common top surface for large runways. Asphalt can also be used. Regardless of the top surface, a good layer of rock and gravel will normally be used to create a stable base for the surface. Smaller runways can still be gravel, dirt, grass, etc.

Are shorts runway casual?

Short runways are sometimes used in fashion shows but it does not necessarily mean it casual. Smaller markets and venues may use shorter runways due to budget and/or size limitations.

Fighter aircraft can stop on the shortened runway?

Fighter aircraft can stop on a short runway. On aircraft carriers, cables are used to stop them. Some fighters landing on short land runways use braking parachutes.

What is a propeller airplane used for?

most of the time for light cargo and or landing on runways that are not up to normal standards, IE dirt gravel the motors have less of a chance of being destroyed than a conventional turbo fan jet

Am-2 can be used for parking aprons and what other areas?

active runways taxiways

What is a synonym for tarmac?

I would think the closest synonym might be "runway". Tarmac is a macadam road surface, used for streets, highways, and runways. But it is usually just in reference to airport runways you hear it referred to as "tarmac".

What kind of fighter jet is most used by the us airforce?

The F-16

What airforce used a messerschmitt?

Depends on what kind of Messerschmitt you mean... The 262 (first serial produced jet fighter ever) ... only German Luftwaffe. Same thing for the 163 rocket fighter. But if you're talking about the 109 (most famous of all of them)... well... German Luftwaffe (Austria integrated), Romanian Airforce, Finnish Airforce, Italian Airforce, Croatian Airforce... (those allied with Germany). And the Swiss Airforce (not allied with Germany - this mean's there have been 109 vs. 109 air clashes).

When was an airplane first used for travel?

The first airplane was used for travel in the year 1921

Which letters are used to distinguish parallel runways in airport?

The letter are "L" "R" and "C" They represent Left, Right and Center runways. There are also numbers along this letters which represent the magnet pole changes. ___RAJEEV NAMBYAR

What is the distance of airplane?

Depends on the airplane size and engines used.

How do you use the word airplane in a sentence?

Example sentences using the word "airplane" include the ones used in this short story: The family was excited to take their first airplane ride. Once air-born, the airplane climbed to an altitude of 30,000 feet. Turbulence caused the airplane to descend rapidly. Because the turbulence resulted in passengers being injured, pilots diverted the airplane to land at the closest airport. Although the family had bumps and bruises, they still enjoyed their first airplane ride.