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the amendment process

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Q: What allows the public to make changes in policies related to the structure of government social policies and suffrage?
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What allows the public to make changes in policies related to the structure of government social policies suffrage?

the amendment process

Which result is the most likely outcome of the successful actions of an interest group?

The government changes its policies on a subject the group cares about (apex)

What changes in suffrage occurred in the early 19 century?

ur momma

Why do people create structure and change government?

The state constitution

What changes in government policies did the islamists seek?

Islamists wanted a reformation in the way there country was run. While some wanted western modernization, some opposed it and wished for the government and culture to remain traditional.

What are direct forces of the external environment?

The are six uncontrollable direct forces of the external environment. The six forces are competition, government policies, natural forces, technological changes, demographic changes, and social/cultural forces.

What is the changes in British colonial policies in the later 1700s?

the policies became more strict

What causes internal change in the work environment?

There are several things that can cause internal change in the work environment. These can include changes to the government, acquisitions, changes to strategy, mergers, products that end their runs, and changes to organizational structure.

What political changes occurred during world war 1?

- May 1915 : the Liberal Government involved into a coalition government- December 1916 : David Lloyd George replaced Asquith as Prime Minister- Many Members of Parliament changed their attitude and opinion towards women's suffrage

What kind of change such as a change of state the substance of the whole changes but its underlying structure remains the same?

In changes in which the molecular structure of a substance remains constant, such as changes of state, we often refer to these changes as Physical Changes. If the molecular structure is altered it would be a Chemical Change.

How does Asda apply to political factors?

Asda, as a large retail corporation, may be affected by political factors such as government policies on employment regulations, taxation, and trade agreements. Changes in government policies can impact Asda's operations, costs, and supply chain, ultimately influencing its financial performance and strategic decisions. Asda may also engage in political lobbying or advocacy efforts to shape policies that are favorable to its business interests.

What is exchange rate volatility?

Traditionally, it is the average of conditional or unanticipated exchange rate changes. would say it refers to the rate at which a country's currency in terms of others adjusts to changes in market conditions or policies as given by the government or a central monetary authority...