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What are you asking? There is no amendment in the U.S. constitution that allows the government to confiscate guns. The 2nd amendment guarantees U.S. citizens the right to bear arms.

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Q: What amendment is the government confiscates all guns from citizens?
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What form of government confiscates your guns and your personal property?

any form they send haha.

Which Amendment gives you the right to have Guns?

The second amendment in the U.S. Constitution gives citizens the right to bear arms( guns).

The second amendment protects the rights of citizens to own?

This amendment gives people the right to keep and bear arms (weapons, guns specifically.)

Which amendment gives citizens the right to own guns?

The Second Amendment of U.S. Constitution is the right of the citizens to keep and bear arms. There are some limits and regulations on this right.

The Second Amendment is controversial because it can interpreted to mean that citizens have the right to?

bear arms,, or own guns in other words

The second amendment would most likely prevent the federal government from passing which law?

A law preventing citizens from keeping loaded guns in their homes

What do people need to be able to have guns at home?

read the Second amendment. When the Constitution uses the phrase "the people" it means the individuals who are citizens.

Why would the government ban guns?

Dictators prefer unarmed subjects over armed citizens.

What do the words''bear arms''refer to in the second amendment?

the words bears arms mean in the 2nd amendment refer to the right to own guns but citizens may only use them to protect themselves when needed or have to

Were German people allowed to own guns?

While private citizens in Germany did own guns, there have been many restrictions and limitations over the years. Prior to the start of World War 2, the German government began a program of registration, and later, confiscation of guns from private citizens. Citizens in Germany may own guns today, but again, with limitations.

Does taking guns away from citizens give government more power?

Definitely, less credibility too!

What is the controversial issue of guns?

Politicians want to take aways our right to the 2nd amendment. The thing is, if they do that they take away guns from law abiding citizens and leave the criminals armed. So to keep it simple they are wanting to take our 2nd amendment right away from us. So my advice is vote wisely.