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amendment 5

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Q: What amendment prohibits the action Henry was arrested for shoplifting but was not brought to trial for 5 years?
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Rrecently the kids mother was arrested shoplifting on video tape along with 10 year old son and is beeing brought up on charges of corrupting minors and pety theft.?

Okay, the circumstances were stated well and I understand the situation - what is the question?

What amendment allowed excluded groups to vote?

Voting rights have not been established in one amendment. The number of amendments illustrate tendency by people in power to block voting rights. 1870: 15th amendment prohibits governments from "denying a citizen the right to vote based on color race, or previous condition of servitude." 1920: 19th amendment prohibits governments from 'denying a citizen the right to vote based on sex.' 1964: 24th amendment prohibits a poll tax or other type of tax be required before having the right to vote. 1971: 26th amendment minimum voting age to no more than 18 years of age. This amendment limited rights to vote, and was passed after colleg-age people protested the Vietnam war and practically brought the government down. Unratified 1985: Right of District of Columbia (home of congress) to elect representatives

The Twenty-first amendment brought an end to what?

The Twenty-First Amendment brought an end to Prohibition (the Eighteenth Amendment). The Twenty-first amendment was ratified on December 5, 1933.

Who wanted Jesus arrested?

The jews wanted Jesus to be arrested and brought him before Pilate.

When was Amendment VI brought before Congress?

it was brought before congress in 1791

What amendment brought the new president in on January 20 instead of in March?

The 20th amendment made this change.

What is it called when you are arrested in one state cross over into another but then brought back to the state you were arrested?

I believe you are referring to "EXTRADITION."

Who brought up the need for the 4th amendment?

Kobe Bryant

In 1933 the twenty first amendment brought an end to?

Prohibition is the answer.

What is prohibit?

Prohibition policy is to prevent whatever is prohibited.

What conflict in American history brought about amendment 26?

The Vietnam War

If your not arrested for drug paraphernalia when pulled over in Arizona can you be convicted of such a crime?

You can't be convicted unless you are found guilty. You can't be found guilty if you were never brought to court. You can't be brought to court if you were never arrested, or charged.