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The amendment was the 10th amendment.

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Q: What amendment said that powers are given to the federal government belong to the states?
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What does the Tenth Amendment state?

Powers not given to the Federal Government belong to the states or the people

What is the significance of the tenth amendment?

The 10th amendment basically states that the powers that are denied to the federal government, belong to the states and the people. This amendment protects the people from an all-powerful federal government.

The tenth amendment in your own words?

Powers not given to the federal government belong to the state, and that powers are reserved to the states that are not listed in the constitution.

List some of the powers that belong to the federal government only?

list some of the powers that belong to the federal government only

What is the tenth amendment in simple terms?

The Federal government has only the powers that it is given by the Constitution. All other powers belong to the people and the States.

Powers that belong only to the federal government?

enumerated powers

Delegated powers belong to?

Federal government

Does the delegated powers belong to the federal government?

The delegated powers are the only powers belonging to the federal goverment.

10th Amendment?

limited the powers of the federal government

Powers hinted at by Constitution and belong to federal government?

implied powers

Who do Enumerated powers belong to?

the Federal Government. :D

How does the tenth amendment balance power between national and state government?

The tenth amendment makes it clear that any powers not either delegated to the federal government or prohibited to the states belong to the states of people

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