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The 22nd amendment says that no one can be elected President more than twice, and anyone who has served more than 2 years of someone else's term as President can only be elected to one full term.

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22 amendment

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22nd amendment

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the 22nd amendement

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Q: What amendment say that a president can only be elected two terms?
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What Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the only president elected to do what in terms?

He was elected 3 terms and died in the 3rd. The result of his 3 terms is the 22nd amendment limiting terms.

How many terms did he serve?

According to the 25th Amendment, a president can only serve two terms and a maximum of 10 years. Franklin Roosevelt was elected four times before the Amendment was enacted.

How times can a US president be re-elected?

They can only be reelected once. This restriction appears in the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution. Before this amendment was ratified, there was no limit on how many terms a president could be elected to serve.

The only president to be elected to more than two terms.?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt is the ONLY President who will EVER be elected to more than two terms (He was elected to four)

Where is it written that a US president is limited to two terms in office?

Such is the 22nd amendment to the Constitution . Actually the amendment says the president can only be elected to 2 terms- he may serve part of another term.

In 1951 the 22nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified. This amendment states that a president can only be elected to serve two terms. This amendment had been ratified in response to?

The number of years FDR was president. He served 3 terms and died in office.

Which custom eventually became part of the constitution as the 22nd amendment?

A president not serving more than two terms. This custom was broken by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and soon after, the 22nd Amendment came to limit a president to a maximum of two terms.

When the constitution was adopted how many terms could a president serve?

The term limits for the president were put in place by an amendment to the Constitution. The president can only be elected as president two times and if he served for more than half of a term to which he was not elected, he can only be elected for one term.

Can the president run 3 consecutive terms?

No, US Presidents can only serve 2 terms, even if unconsecutively.

How many terms can a president serve after being elected what amendment addresses this term limit?

Technically, there is no legal limit to the number of terms a person can serve as U. S. President. The 22nd Amendment to the U. S. Constitution limits the number of times a person can be elected U. S. President to two. Those who previously served at least two years as President or Acting President can be elected only once.

What terms of office can a president only be elected to?

They can serve two terms.

When did the US decide someone can be President only twice?

The Twenty-second Amendment of the Constitution, limiting a US President to two elected terms, was ratified in 1951. This was done after Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected to four successive terms as President, to prevent the Executive Branch from holding too much power.