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Amendments are changes to the Constitution. The only amendment taken back later was number 18, which was rewritten on number 21.

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Q: What amendments were changed?
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What did amendments do?

The amendments changed or altered the constitution

Can the Constitution of the U.S. be changed?

Yes it can be changed by amendments.

Why were the first 12 amendments changed?

It is the first 10, not 12, and they haven't changed.

Can the constitiution be changed?

Yes, amendments to the constitution are possible.

What can change the constitution?

The U. S. Constitution is changed by amendments.

Where did they decide to add the amendments?

Because the needs of America changed

How is the US Constitution changed?

17 amendments have been added.

What did the Clean Air Act Amendments do?

The Clean Air Act Amendments dramatically changed the allowable types and amounts of emissions

The number of amendments in the constitution?

There are 27 amendments to the constitution. The last one passed in 1971 when the right to vote was changed from 21 to 18.

What do you call a change to the amendment?

Another Amendment. Amendments may be changed only by a later amendment. If a particular amendment needs to be changed, it is not changed the way a law would be amended by deleting or adding wording. Amendments are changed by adoption of a later amendment that states that the prior amendment is changed in a certain way.

What is it called when an amendment to the constitution is changed?

Amendments cannot be changed. They can be superceded by another amendment, or repealed (revoked) by another amendment.

Can the constittution be changed?

Yes, the Consitution can be changed by the amendments process. The Constitution has been changed 27 times, including the Bill of Rights as the first 10 changes.