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Well fish live in the river

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Q: What animals live in Huang he river valley?
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Which animals live in river valley region?


Which animals live in the Indus river valley?

The Indus Blind dholphin and the sea turtle

How do people survive in the nile river valley today?

they live off of animals and of course the nile river water supply

What animals live in the Huang ho?

I think flies might be buzzing around in Huang Ho by universalgirl ;)

How did the Huang River affect the ancient Chinese?

Huang River affected ancient China in a bad way. Why? well, it was the river that often flooded the lad near it destroying crops and the village around it. Also because the people that live there are very upset of the way the Huang river flooded

What animals and plants live on valley?

Animals that live in a valley are amphibians, birds, fish, mammals, reptiles, and butterflies. Plant that live on a valley include wildflowers and cacti.

What fish specie live in the Huang He River present?

Don't know hay

Where did the Shang Dynasty people live?

they live near mountains rivers and fields

What river valley is dangerous to live?

Tennessee river

What type of animals live in the river shannon?

Wild animals live in river shannon

What animals live in a valley?


Why did the earliest Chinese people live in Huang He valley?

farming and trade was good if not look in ur book