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The Boston tea party, the Revolutionary War, and James Otis saying. "No taxation without representation," after Britain imposed the Towsnshend Acts (a tax on various goods, including tea) are all pretty good examples. i am currently studying this topic in my history class, so the examples should be mostly accurate. hope i helped and good luck

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Q: What are 3 events that are examples of the colonist rebelling against the British government?
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What is the name of the British government that taxed the colonist?

East India Company

Give two examples of how the Colonist or British try to resolve their conflict?

-war -intimidation

What set off the Revolutionary War?

The British taxed the colonist a LOT Then the colonist wanted more control in the government Britan refused

What role The Benjamin Franklin Play in the American Colonist disagreement With the British government?

har har

What was the difference between government in Britain and government in colonial America?

Nothing. The colonist saw themselves as British and were actually loyal to the king.

What did the colonists had to follow the laws of?

what rules did the colonists have to follow

What was the main reason the colonist assembled for the first continental congress?

They met to discuss their grievances with the British government.

What was thoses who were rebelling againest the British called?


Is Benjamin Franklin a colonist or a British?


What were two reasons why the American revolution took place?

1. The colonist wanted freedom from the British 2. The colonist wanted to make their own country with their own government

Why did the British want to halt western movement?

privide many adventage to the british,it allowed the british government not the colonist to control westward contunued but this are the most important parts

How did the colonist respond to the new tax laws and increased military presence of the british government?

read the book penjo