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Interpret laws and determine if laws are unconstitutional.

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The three jobs (responsibilities) of the Judicial Branch are as follows: 1.) Judicial Jurisdiction 2.) Judicial Review 3.) Judicial Power(?)

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To be more specific, it’s

1)Holding Trials for those accused of treason.

2)Deciding whether laws are constitutional.

3)Settling disagreements between states.

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Q: What are 3 responsibilities of the judicial branch?
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What are the three major responsibilities of the judicial branch?

Three of the responsibilities that the judicial branch has isinterpreting state laws,settling legal disputes,and protecting individual rights

What are responsibilities for the judicial?

The judicial branch is responsible for interpreting laws that the legislative branch passes. They scrutinize the laws to make sure they comport with the Constitution.

What is article 3 about?

Article III of the Constitution, which establishes the Judicial Branch

What is the judicial responsibilities?

the judicial branch has the sole power to declare if laws being passed follow the constitution.

What branch of government was the most vague?

The U.S. Constitution is most vague about the responsibilities of the Judicial branch of government.

What are the three responsibilities of the Judicial Branch?

Interpret laws and determine if laws are unconstitutional.

What are the responsibilities or the judicial branch?

To make sure that it's good to become a law...

What article matches the judicial branch?

Article 3 deals with the judicial branch.

What are the 3 parts of government?

Executive Legislative & Judicial leslative branch executiva branch judicial branch

Is a laywer part of the judicial branch?

Yes. A lawyer is an officer of the court and has duties and responsibilities to it.

Does the judicial branch get substantial media attention?

The judicial branch gets enough media coverage considering its responsibilities. The media normally focuses more on entertainment, news, and politics.

What are the resposibilities of the Legeslative Branch?

The Legeslative Branch has the responsibilities of making the laws, and then the Executive Branch comes in to enforce the laws, following that the Judicial Branch Interprets the law.