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Nile, Congo, Zambezi

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Q: What are 3 rivers in Africa?
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3 famous rivers in Africa?

The Nile, The Congo and the Zambezi

Where are there rivers in Africa?

There are thousands of rivers all over Africa

What are the major rivers in Seychelles of Africa?

What are the 4 largest rivers in Africa?

What sre the SMALLER rivers in Africa?

THE smaller rivers in Africa the Blue Nile

Where are 3 lagest rivers in the world?

The Nile river in Africa. Amazon river in South America. Congo river in Africa.

What are the names of African rivers for tha letter Q?

There are many rivers in Africa. However there are no rivers in Africa that begin with the letter Q.

Why rivers in Africa not navigable?

because they have seasonal rivers

What rivers are in Madagascar?

Africa is where it is

What are Africa's longest and most famous rivers?

Nile and Zambesi are longest rivers in Africa. See related questions

What are the 3 major rivers of west Africa?

The Nile, the Niger, and the Congo Rivers are three most important rivers of Africa.

Which river is near by Africa?

Africa is a continent and filled with rivers!

What are the key rivers in south Africa?

Nile, Niger, Congo and Zambezi rivers.