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all Italians are in the mob

all Americans are fat

all Mexicans have a sombrero

all Scottish people wear kilts

all musilims are terrorists

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Q: What are 5 different sterotypes?
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Do films have sterotypes in?

yes they do

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What is the relationship between stereotyping and prejudice?

if they are black all the sterotypes are true

The most significant influence on variations in gender roles between two different countries is a gender sterotypes b gender socialization c androgyny or d culture?


What are the positive aspects of sterotypes?

some aspects are they can make poeple feel bad about themself

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That they are all terrorists, extremists, work at 7-11's etc

How did w.e.b dubois challenge sterotypes in his exhibit of American negroes?

he presented scholarships written by african americans

How did W.E.B. Dubois challenge sterotypes in his exhibit of american negroes?

he presented scholarships written by african americans

What authors did Sandra Cisneros say influence her?

their names are not revealed but they too wrote books that were racist sexist sterotypes

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Nagaina wore the (metaphorical) pants