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The Right to protest, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion are part of the First Amendment to the Constitution. The right to privacy is part of the fourth and fifth amendments to the constitution. The racial, sexual, and opportunial equalities are technically granted in the Constitution, however many people believe otherwise, which is why we have further amendments addressing such issues.

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Q: What are 5 specific guarantees in your US constituton that are also in the Universal Declaration of Human rights?
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In the United States, the freedoms of speech and religion are guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution. Elsewhere, the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights guarantees religious freedom in Article II. Speech is eluded to there, and is mentioned directly in the Preamble. The UN, however, is unwilling or unable to back this declaration with any kind of force of law. Many other nations rely on similar documents to layout the specific rights of their citizens.

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