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Horses, and foot

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Q: What are Choctaws transportation?
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What tribe shared a home with the Choctaws?


What tools did the choctaws use to gather food?

In a basket .

What waterway got its name from the choctaws?

choctaw river

How do you say flower in Choctaws language?

The Choctaw word for flower is napakAli

How many Choctaws died before reaching Oklahoma?


Choctaw Indian word for Baby?

When speaking of a baby, the Choctaw word is alla. If speaking of a female baby, the Choctaws say alla tek, and when speaking of a male baby, the Choctaws say alla nakni.

Is there a haiku about the Trail of Tears?

In fact there is. === === Cherokees, Choctaws,Creeks, Seminoles, Chickasaws,

Which two states did the choctaws travel to reach Indian territory?

Tennessee and Arkansas.

How did the chickasaw travel?

The Choctaws who lived in Ahi Apet Okla and northern Okla Falaya traveled to Memphis, Tennessee. The Choctaws who lived in Okla Hannali and southern Okla Falaya traveled to Vicksburg, Mississippi.

What game did the Choctaws play?

They played a game called "Choctaw Stickball". They played this until 1907.

The largest of the Five Civilized Tribes was the?

Choctaws, Chickasaws, Creeks, Seminoles, & the Cherokee were the largest civilized tribes.

Do the choctaw people still live in Alabama louisianna California and Mississippi?

Most Choctaws live in Mississippi and Oklahoma. Some smaller groups are found in Louisianna and Alabama. During the 1950s many Choctaws left the reservations to find work in California, Chicago, and other large metrospolitian cities.