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Q: What are Sarah Palin's leadership qualities?
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When is Sarah palins birthday?

February 11,1964

What Was Sarah Palins act scores?


Sarah palins home town?

Wasila, Alaska

What is something special in Alaska?

sarah palins house

What is Sarah Palins youngest girl's name?


What is Sarah palins hometown?

she lives in Alaska

When did Sarah Palins daughter have the baby?

December 27, 2008

What is Sarah Palins Chinese astrology sign?

she is Water Rabbit

Who is Trac Palin?

track palin is Sarah palins oldest child.

Sarah palins grandchilds name?

Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston

How does Sarah palin do her job?

Sarah palins job is to help macCain by telling the good things about mccain and not the bad

What is Sarah Palins husband called?

Todd Palin, aka 'First Dude'