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what is the advantage and disadvantage of federal state stracture

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Q: What are advantage and disadvantage of federal structure of state ppt?
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What is another term of Advantage and disadvantage?

The difference between and advantage and a disadvantage can be very significant. An advantage means you have the upper hand in a situation usually only one person can have a particular advantage. A disadvantage can be an obstacle that more than one person can have at the same time.

What Federal and state programs exemplifies social structure theories?

federal programs that exemplifies social structure for juveniles

What were the advantage's of becoming a state?

Federal funding.

What is the advantage and disadvantage of examining bacteria in the living state?

for better result to help determine treatment

Why are some major cities not state capitals?

The idea was to keep it separate from the states so that no one state would have an advantage or disadvantage over any other. The federal governmnet is not supposed to be able to dictate individual rights assumed by the states. Therefore it is necessary to keep federal power and state power separated.

Is the Federal Court structure is mirrored by every state in the US?


Advantages and disadvantages of Animal power?

The advantage of animal power is that animals are much stronger than man. The disadvantage is that they require care like feeding and veterinary care that can be expensive.

Name one advantage of the confederates?

The advantages of the Confederacy is that they had stronger structure and that they know how to ride a horse and shoot a gun better.

What is the Act that established the structure of the federal court system and its relationship to state courts?

Judiciary Act of 1789

State one advantage and one disadvantage for a vee engine?

The advantage is the crank has to turn less between power strokes so it runs smoother, and one disadvantage could be it takes up a lot of room in the engine bay.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of small states in India?

An advantage of a small state in India is corruption is reduced. A disadvantage is that the small states don't make any progress.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Pcontroller?

Advantage : PI controller has zero steady state error. Disadvantage : PI controller has maximum overshoot and high settling time