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The advantages to saving someone's life are for one the person would be alive. Also, you would then be appreciated by them and their family.You would most likely be a hero.

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Q: What are advantages to saving a person's life?
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What amendment guarantees that no state shall deprive a persons life?

This part of the 14th amendment.

What are the advantages of being a princess in 1515?

The advantages of being a princess in 1515 was an easier life. There was food to eat, clothes, and a nice house to live in.

What are advantages and disadvantages of the system of patronage?

The system of patronage has very distinct advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that you have a boss that looks after you and takes care of the problems and issues in everyday life. The disadvantages are that you are always commanded, patronized and have very little independence.

Who was the father of the US life saving service?

While Alexander Hamilton is credited as being the father of the U.S. Coast Guard (due to being the first Secretary of the Treasury Department and founding the original Revenue-Marine, renamed the Revenue Cutter Service), Sumner Increase Kimball is essentially the father of the functional U.S. Life-Saving Service. Originally a lawyer from Massachusetts, Kimball became a clerk at the Treasury Dept. and was appointed in 1862, and was placed in charge of the Revenue Marine Bureau there in 1871. When the Life-Saving Bureau was organized in 1878 he was appointed its head. Under his direction, the Life-Saving Service was extended to the Pacific Coast and the Great Lakes, and transforming it from an uneven collection of volunteer-staffed hit-or-miss facilities around the US coastline, into a coherent, full-time staffed and well-trained organization.

What are some examples of Equality of all persons?

Having an African American president. All men are created equal, so all men have the same opportunities in life.

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They get a second chance. You get to feel good about saving a life.

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