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The Mohave are the traditional enemies of the Cahuilla Indians. These are among the native Americans who lived in around the 1850s.

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Q: What are cahuilla Indians enemies?
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How did the Cahuilla Indians use clubs for tools?

The cahuilla Indians used old dinosaur bones and hard boogers for clubs

Who did the Cahuilla Indians traded with?

The gabrielino

What did Cahuilla Indians traded?


Did the Cahuilla Indians use hieroglyphics?

No, The Chumash Indians had no written language.

How did the Cahuilla Indians get their name?

The name "Cahuilla" comes from the word for "master" in the Ivia language, also known as Cahuilla. Their name for themselves in Iviatim.

How did cahuilla Indians travel?

They walked by foot.

Did the Cahuilla Indians have a system of government?

They didn't

What region did cahuilla Indians live?


Did Cahuilla Indians eat fish?


What kind of traditions do the cahuilla Indians have?


How did cahuilla Indians get their food?

By killing animals

Who did the Mojave Indians trade with?

The cahuilla and the chumash