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It takes way to long to process anything

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Q: What are criticisms of US legal system?
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What Stands at the top of the American legal system?

The US Supreme Court stands at the top of the US legal system.

What US State has a legal system that has policies related to Napoleon?

The US state that has a legal system that is related to Napoleon is Louisiana.

What are some criticisms of the primary system?

Some criticisms of the primary system include: 1) Front-loading of the process, where states with earlier primaries receive more attention and influence than later states; 2) Increased polarization and catering to the extremes of the political spectrum rather than to more moderate views; and 3) High costs associated with running primary campaigns, which can limit the pool of viable candidates.

What is one way the US legal system impacts US businesses?

What is one way the U.S. legal system impacts U.S. businesses What is one way the U.S. legal system impacts U.S. businesses

Precedent system is sucesful?

No. It has warped the US legal system badly.

What role does the US bill of rights play in US legal system?

The legal system makes sure that Americans rights outlined in the B of R are not violated.

How is the us legal system impact in business?


Who defines the legal justice system?

Our legal justice system is defined by a state or the US Constitution as the judicial branch of Government.

Name criticisms against system development?

Name the major criticism against system development

What kind of a system does the US have?

The US has a legal system in which laws are created at both the state and federal levels. This is known as a dual sovereign system.

What are current criticisms leveled against the US federal reserve system?

Simply because the Federal Reserve is not Federal at all. It is a PRIVATELY owned corporation, just like the IRS.

What did Patrick Henry do for us?

he helped us regain a legal system and start a government of our own.