What are elitists?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The elitist theory claims that in any society, only a small number of people hold the power. The people in this group are called the elites.

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Q: What are elitists?
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Who are Kappa Alpha Psi zeta chapter founders?

they are black elitists

Why do Yanks hate the French?

Because the "Yanks" are elitists plain and simple.

What book did you read in the 1970's about elitists group?

historical fiction

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Were the Founding Fathers and members of the Constitutional Convention elitists or pluralists?

Individually, America's Founders were by many contemporary standards 'elitists,' if not in necessarily negative ways. As a group, the Founders combined respect for elitism and pluralism in their remarkably original political ideas -- and in the structuring and divisions of the 'grand experiment' of the new nation that they founded.

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Name 3 of hitlers main supporters?

Hermann Göring, Heinrich Himmler and Erwin Rommel

What does an elitist argue?

Elitists argue that a small percentage of economic elite members have the most power and influence over policies. They believe that these elite members are independent from the democratic elections that are held in the states.

What language do people in Madrid speak?

they speak spanish. They would probably say it is not a dialect in Madrid; rather that it is proper Castilian Spanish according to the Real Academia. Everything that is not Castilian Spanish is considered a dialect by the elitists.

What gives congress has the right to do more than what is stated in the constitution?

Nothing! Congress has been abusing it power for decades, because we let it. In recent administrations, however, the Executive branch has been bypassing Congress with similar audacity. The elitists have us by the short hairs.

Define Social Darwinism How did some imperialists make use of this concept?

Social Darwinism is a term used for ideologies which exploited ideas of survival of the fittest.To elitists strong nations were composed of white people who were successful at expanding their empires, and would survive in the struggle for dominance.