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Q: What are fees paid to governments called?
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Fees paid to governments?

fees to the governments

Why there are no fees schools?

These are called "public schools" and there are fees to attend but those are paid in the form of property taxes paid each year by homeowners.

How do the public sector raise money?

The government can collect taxes, charge license fees, and raise tax bonds.

What fees are paid each month?

Monthly fees are paid each month.

What are additional charges paid to the bank called?

Banks usually call these charges "fees".

What is the meaning of FPC used in Canadian visa document?

Fees paid abroad.

What fees are paid at the closing when the home purchase is finalized?

realtors fees

Taxes paid to the county treasurer and then given to the various units of local governments are called?

personal property tax

What is owned by its depositors who are paid dividends after all operating costs and fees are paid?

The company is owned by the depositors who are paid dividends after all operating costs and fees are paid. Depositors own stock in the company.

What are court appointed defense attorneys whose fees are paid at a set rate by localor state government are also called?

A court-appointed attorney is assigned to a defendant when they are unable to afford a private defense lawyer. It's required by the constitution that a court must provide defense at the governments expense.

What is pretax charge?

The fees that need to be spent before the tax are collected to the governments.

Is it legal for the finance company to repossess your car for late fees even though the loan is paid in full?

Yes, the loan is not paid in full if there are unpaid lates fees