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It has been said his single greatest contribution was that he chose to step down after two terms. When he announced he would not seek a third term, Britain's King George III did not believe any man who had the loyalty of the entire army would willingly surrender power. "if he does it, " he commented, "he will be the greatest man who ever lived." Washington could have been named King, could have become President for life... could have set himself up to rule militarily... But he chose to set the example of the president being a temporary office, and was the first world leader to organize the peaceful transfer of power thru rule of law. For over a hundred years after his terms of office, subsequent presidents honored Washington's example and refused to run for a third term of office, despite the fact that the Constitution did not impose any limit to presidential terms. Only after FDR won 4 consecutive terms was an amendment passed limiting the office of president to two terms. Washington essentially defined the office of the presidency.

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Q: What are five reasons that George Washington is famous?
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