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  • Citizen Demand
  • Economic Problems
  • International Crises
  • National Growth and Technology
  • Nature of Bureacucracy
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Q: What are five reasons that the federal bureaucracy has assumed an important role in making public policy?
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Give two reasons why primary victories are important to candidates?

There are two reasons why primary victories are important to candidates. They indicate the strength of the candidate and provide information on the type of voters who are voting for the candidate.

Can presidents order a national holiday?

The US does not have any national holidays in the sense of special days on which all employees refrain from work. There are federal holidays on which all federal employees are excused from work or else are paid extra for working if they are in essential jobs. These federal holidays are set by federal law passed by Congress. I think the President could issue an executive order to close federal offices due to lack of funds or some other emergency situation. The President can also declare special days of observance for various reasons such as a day of prayer, but people are free to ignore them if they wish.

Historically for what kinds of bad behavior have federal judges been removed from their positions?

Although it does not say it in Article III, removal of a federal judge must be through the impeachment process on grounds that equate to the reasons that would trigger impeachment proceedings under Article I and II, namely treason, bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors. Article III does not specify this, but prior federal cases have ruled that this is the standard by which "good behavior" is to be judged.

What was NOT a reason why the Framers opposed direct democracy?

Framers opposed a direct democracy for many reasons. The most important reason is because they were afraid of the rule of a majority.

What were the reasons of the Hatch Act?

The Hatch Act was a law passed to prohibit federal employees from participating in certain forms of partisan activities, or basically politics. This would ensure basic fairness and an unbiased federal government. Take for example, an employee at FBI making large donations or giving speeches to a Democratic candidate for senator. Some may misconstrue this as the FBI organization as a whole advocating or endorsing this candidate. ChaCha!

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Why does the president find the bureaucracy so frustration to the implementation of policy?

The bureaucracy can be frustrating to the president for several reasons. It may be slow-moving, resistant to change, and bound by regulations and procedures that make it difficult to implement policy quickly and effectively. Additionally, there may be conflicting interests or priorities within the bureaucracy that can hinder the president's agenda.

What we're some reasons for the fall of the song dynasty?

a large bureaucracy and constant wars cost too much. The army was run by civilians and became in effective.

What effects did the impeachment of justice samuel chase have on the federal judiciary?

it established the federal judge could not be removed for political reasons.

How many federal prisons are there?

Do to security reasons you are not allowed to know the exact number of federal prisons.

What are the reasons to believe federal form of government?

The reason to believe federal form of government is to believe that CODY SIMPSON RULES THE EARTH!

What are thre reasons why waste reduction and resource recovery are important?

what are the three reasons why waste reduction and resource recovery are important

Reasons why public interest is important?

It's not important for everything.

What is a positive to a bureaucracy?

Although bureaucracy is often criticised and disliked for its tendency to rigidly follow rules whether they are useful or not, it is often a very efficient way of getting things done. Bureaucracy gives us a detailed set of procedures by which complicated things can be done correctly, even when new people have to be brought in to replace old veterans who leave for various reasons (retirement, resignation, firing, or death). A bureaucracy is like a living organism which does not depend upon any single member, or any combination of members, to know what it needs to do and to get its job done. It is self-perpetuating. If you really want taxes to be collected, or streets to be cleaned, or any number of other functions, bureaucracy works.

Why it is important to complete kitchen documentation?

Completing kitchen documents is very important for a number of reasons. One of these reasons is that it is a health hazard not to.

What are some reasons why science is not important?

There are no reason that science is Not important. It is very important. Deal with it.

Why are there no federal taxes taken from your paycheck?

There are two reasons you may have no federal taxes taken is if you claim exempt on your W4 or if you claim a higher amount of dependents.

What are three reasons why the connective tissue wrappings of skeletal muscle are important?

three reasons why the connective tissue wrappings of skeletal muscle are important