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they are called food, shelter, and clothing

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Q: What are food shelter and clothing called?
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What are the needs of an individual?

Food, shelter, clothing

Is food clothing and shelter natural resources?


What did the pawnee Indian use for food shelter and clohing?

The Pawnee used buffalo for food, clothing, and shelter

What is having food clothing and shelter?

being fortunate

What are the types of home budget?

its food clothing shelter

What is basic wants?

Food,drink, clothing, and shelter.

What your body needs?

Food, shelter and clothing minimum.

What are the basic needs of human being?

The basic need if a human being is food, shelter and clothing. These are things that he cannot survive without.

How did they use the environment for food clothing and shelter?

they hunt Buffalo's

What were the rights of the Iroquois?

The Iroquois had the rights for food, shelter, and clothing.

What are the 3 elements in living matter?

Clothing, Food, and Shelter!

What things does a zakat pay for?

shelter , food and clothing for the poor :)