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Q: What are government payments to retired workers known as?
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What are the government payments to retired workers known as?

The government payments to retired workers are known as pensions or Social Security benefits. These payments are typically provided as a form of income support for individuals who have reached their retirement age and have fulfilled certain eligibility criteria. The amount of the payment is usually based on a person's work history and contributions to the social security system.

What is the Inca government?

there are a lot of stages in the incan government but this is the government pyramid the Sapa Inca- he ruled everything. he made all the laws and only he could approve things. they were known as "the children of the sun" supreme council- they helped decide the Sapa Inca who the heir his throne would be once he retired. the children had to past a special test provincial governors officials- they had special privileges tax collectors- one tax collector for every ayllu (family). the tax collector would then report to a tax collector who might be in charge of 10 ayllus. workers- workers were organized into ayllus thats the government pyramid. i hope this helped :)

What are the duties and functions of the Buea Regional treasury Cameroon?

it in charge of collecting authorized state revenue and makes various payments for states expenditures . its equally known as the government bank. most of its payments are done through the bank which to an extend contributes to the of the banking sectors growth.

Who was one of the best known symbols of government propaganda to attract women workers during World War 2?

"Rosie the Riveter" was one of the best-known symbols of government propaganda to attract women workers during World War 2. She represented the women who worked in factories and shipyards to support the war effort while the men were away fighting.

What did trusts do that hurt workers?

Trusts hurt workers by reducing competition in the market, leading to lower wages and poor working conditions. They also wielded significant influence over government policies, making it harder for workers to push for better rights and protections. Additionally, trusts were known to exploit workers by engaging in practices like wage suppression and long working hours.

What are workers called who do they're work at home?

Workers and/or employees who work from home are known as telecommuters.

What type of artwork were the Etruscan best known?

there best known for bronze workers.

What is Walter Zenga known for?

Walter Zenga is a retired footballer and current manager. He was born in Italy in 1960. He started his professional career in 1978 and retired in 1999.

How would you define the balance of payments in international trade?

The balance of payments is an accounting record of the difference between the amount of money that a country receives (known as inpayments) and the amount of money that it pays out (known as outpayments).

What were People who work to end slavery are known as?


Mexican workers known as brace Rose often?

Mexican workers, known as braceros, often: Answer: Received lower wages than white workers did. Explanation: Mexican workers known as braceros arrived in the United States as workers due to the Bracero Program. This was a series of diplomatic agreements between the United States and Mexico initiated in the 1940s and ended in the 1960s. During these years, many laborers from Mexico moved to the United States. However, these workers often received lower wages than white workers.

What is Pope Benedict XVI's new title?

He is known as the Pope Emeritus, which is a retired pope.