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Many of the so-called Jim Crow laws were examples of voter discrimination. They included poll taxes, literacy tests, and other ways to prevent minorities from voting.

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Q: What are methods of voter discrimination?
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What act established a commission to look into claims of individual voter discrimination?

the voters rights act

Which act ensured federal protection from voter discrimination based on race?

Voting Rights Act

What is an absent voter?

An absent voter, also known as an absentee voter, is someone who is eligible to vote but is unable to do so in person at their designated polling location on election day. Absent voters can request and submit a ballot by mail or through other alternative voting methods to ensure that their vote is counted.

What act first established a federal commission to invistigate voter discrimination?

The Civil Rights Act of 1957 created the Division of Civil Rights of the Department of Justice - which handles all issues regarding voter discrimination. However, the division really didn't have much teeth until later Civil Rights Acts like the 1964 act.

Which act first established a federal commission to investigate claims of individual voter discrimination?

the Federal Civil Rights CommissionFederal Civil Rights Comission

What discrimination did African American face?

African Americans couldn't socialize with other troops.

What was a major goal of President Johnson's Great Society?

Major goals of President Johnson's Great Society were to help end poverty and to end discrimination in voter registration.

Methods of communication that support equality and diversity?

effective methods and ways to communicate that 1 support equality and diversity 2 are effect when dealing with and challenging discrimination.

What a voter registers a choice in an election with a?

When a voter registers a choice in an election, they typically do so by casting a vote for their preferred candidate or position. This can be done through various methods, such as filling out a ballot, selecting an option on an electronic voting machine, or marking a preference on a mail-in ballot. The voter's choice is then recorded and counted as part of the overall election results.

Can you explain the methods and ways of communicating that are effective when dealing with and challenging discrimination when communicating with individuals?

i dont have a email address

Another name for Voter's cubicle?

Another name for voter's cubicle is voter's booth.

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voter list