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Death, The Gatherer, or The Old man.

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Q: What are other names of the grim reaper?
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Could someone be a grim reaper?

The grim reaper isn't real so no one can become the grim reaper

What is the Russian grim reaper?

He is still considered the grim reaper.

What do the words grim reaper stand for?

The Grim Reaper is the personification of Death.

Is a grim reaper a girl?

The grim reaper has no gender unless you read comics

How was the grim reaper created?

In english Death is often given the name Grim Reaper

When was Grim Reaper - advertisement - created?

Grim Reaper - advertisement - was created on 1987-04-05.

Is death and the grim reaper two different people?

Death and the grim reaper are the same person

When was Best of Grim Reaper created?

Best of Grim Reaper was created on 1999-09-28.

Is the grim reaper good or a bad person?

The Grim Reaper, the embodiment of Death, the reaper of souls, is neither good nor evil. These are moral constraints. Death is amoral.

Is the grim reaper real?

No, the grim reaper is not real. The origin of the grim reaper dates back to Greece, and the Greek God Thanatos.

Are people able to become the grim reaper?

The grim reaper isn't a person its just the sign of death so technically no one can become the grim reaper since he isn't real

Is a human being able to be death aka the grim reaper?

The grim reaper isn't real hes just a sign of death so a human can't become the grim reaper