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federal and state taxes are one example.

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Q: What are other ways that the federal government imposes costs on state and local governments?
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If the federal government compels state governments to obey costly regulations but does not reimburse those costs it is called a?

Unfunded Mandate

How much federal money is being provided to state and local governments for meeting homeland security costs?

About 50 billion.

How did the South keep railroads construction costs down?

a. it used prison labor and lobbied the federal government

Are there any federal subsidies available for the installation of residential solar panels?

Yes, there are a variety of government subsidies available to help defray the significant costs of residential solar panel installations. These are offered by various state and local governments as well as federal agencies and have differing criterion depending upon where you are located.

How did the south railroad construction costs down?

a. it used prison labor and lobbied the federal government

National laws that direct state or local governments to comply with federal rules or regulations but do not include funds to help defray the costs are called?


How did the hepburn act change the governments role industry?

The Hepburn act gave the government the power to set and limit shipping costs.

Can an employer force you to have direct deposit?

Yes, the federal government does it to their employees as a means of "reducing overhead costs".

how did jefferson simplify the federal goverment?

Jefferson simplified the government by cutting costs, reducing the size of the army, lowering expenses for government and social funding.

Which region of the nation receives the highest percentage of its revenue from the federal government?

The southeast receives a high percentage of its revenue from the federal government. Because of widespread poverty, property taxes are not enough to cover essential costs.

How did Jefferson simplify the federal government?

by cutting costs whenever possible by reducing the size of the army by lowering expenses for government social functions by eliminating all internal taxes

How is the Brooklyn Bridge maintained and the cost of its maintenance?

The Brooklyn Bridge needed massive repairs. It cost $811 million dollars. The city has to pay 54% of the costs. The federal government is paying the rest of the costs.