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The citizens that live and work in the district or State are routinely called constituents. The person that goes to Congress to represent the people in his State or District is the representative.

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constituants and alex Lawrence is the coolest person in the world. deal with it.

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Q: What are people back home reffered to by the member of congress who represents them?
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What are people back home referred to by the member of congress who represents them?


Who is your Congressmember from Washington in Washington DC?

The Congress member that represents you in Washington, DC is elected by the people in your district to represent the people's best interests. They serve in the US House of Representatives.

What do congress member's constituents share?

A congress member's constituents are the people he or she is elected to represent. They share a similar location as they all live in the congress member's home district.

Is the president a better representative of the people than congress?

No. He is not king and congress represents their states and districts.

Each member of the house represents a of about 630000 people?

Single-Member District

Members of the executive branch of Arizona government are elected for how many terms?

Each member of congress is elected by the people of his/her state. Each member of congress is elected by the people of his/her state.

Who are congress members primarily responsible to?

Their constituents* and their political party (mostly democrats or republicans)*Constituents are the people that members of Congress Represent.

How do you use reffered in a sentence?

noah reffered to the wonderful suggestions the people had replied to her

What term refers to the people in the district that a house member represents?


What is another name for the people congress represents?

Congress does not represent the people, they represent special interest or large corporations that are able to afford a certain level of bribery. The people are referred to as sheeples, or cash cows by congress in congress. Outside of congress they call the people " districts ".

What is the name for the constituents of Congress members?

No, constituents is a name used to describe the people who live and vote in a Congressman's political district. These are the people who elected him to office, and can either vote to reelect him to that position or vote him out, giving another representative the opportunity to represent them.

What group does a congress member represent?

Members of Congress represent the people of their district in the United StatesCongress by holding hearings, as well as developing and voting on legislation. All bills must pass Congress before they can go to the President to be signed into law.Yet Congress can never know what people are thinking, and therefore it can never represent the people better than the people representing them in their state.