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Q: What are people from Birmingham called?
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Why do people live in Birmingham?

because they like Birmingham

How far is Birmingham airport to Birmingham city?

Birmingham airport is IN Birmingham city Birmingham airport is by this farm i can't remember what it's called though from Leah Cox Age 13 - Birmingham

Why is Birmingham called the Pittsburgh of the south?

Birmingham is called Pittsburgh of the South because of its rich history it has with the steel and iron industry. Pittsburgh is know for being Steel city but Birmingham has a large steel industry aswell. That's why Birmingham is called Pittsburgh of the south.

When was the first Birmingham newspaper published?

The first Birmingham newspaper, called the "Birmingham Journal," was published in 1732.

Is Birmingham a state?

No - there is no state in the world called Birmingham. There are some cities with the same name, though.

Is London worse than Birmingham?

This is just an opinion, some people prefer Birmingham and some people prefer London.

Which city is called Birmingham of Pakistan?


Why do Brummies live in Birmingham?

Because the town used to be called Brummagem in the dialect spoken by the people who lived there, they became known as "Brummies".

Which state has Birmingham as its capital?

There is no state capital in America called Birmingham - although Birmingham is the largest city by population in Alabama.

Which British City has Railway stations called New Street?

Birmingham New Street is the main station in Birmingham

What is the address for Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre?

The address for Birmingham Hippodrome Theater is in Southside, Birmingham. The address is on the road called Hurst Street, with property number B5 4TB.

What is a Birmingham screwdriver?

A Birmingham screwdriver is a slang term for a hammer, based on the idea that people from Birmingham, England, rely on the use of force to solve problems.