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People from Havana the capital of Cuba are called Havanan or habanero (m), habanera. (f)

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Q: What are people from havana called?
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What are people from havana called in spanish?

People from Havana are called "habaneros" in Spanish.

How many people living in Havana?

2.1 million people live in Havana, Cuba (Information based from the year 2012).

What is the Cuban area in Miami called?

Little Havana.

More than 2.2 million people live in Havana which is the capital of?

Havana is the capital and largest city of Cuba.

What do women in Havana Cuba wear?

I believe it is called CLOTHING.

What is taste of havana people?

they taste like chickenn!

Where do most of Cuba's people live?

Havana, cuba

What is the song played for the Havana movie trailer starring Kevin Costner and Anthony Quinn?

The movie you refer to was called "Revenge", not "Havana", but I do not know what that music was.

What nicknames does Havana Brown go by?

Havana Brown goes by Havana Brown.

Is Havana a city?

Havana is the capital city of Cuba.

Where is the Havana Public Library in Havana located?

The address of the Havana Public Library is: 203 E. Fifth Ave., Havana, 32333 1620

What is the capital of havana?

Havana is a city, it does not have a capital. However, Havana is itself the capital of the country of Cuba.